open.heart – Mentorships for unaccompained minor refugees

open.heart aims to empower young refugees by allocating to each minor a volunteer mentor to support therm in their daily life. Ongoing education for mentors are provided too. The main objective of the project is to enable the integration and social inclusion of young refugees living in Salzburg by supporting and empowering them in challenges they are facing as youths and refugees likewise. As a result of such personal relationships, volunteers state to feel responsible to speak up against hate speech in a more and more hostile social and governmental environment towards migrants in Austria. 



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Are you a National, Regional or Local Authority that promoted, or is promoting, a communication campaign which highlights the contribution that migrants make to EU societies? Apply for the CLARINET Award now! Read the Award Rules carefully and tell us about your campaign. The Award will promote and give value to successful, impactful campaigns carried out by, or on behalf of, public authorities, and which show how migrants in Europe can benefit our societies.

Communication of Local AuthoRities for INtegration in European Towns


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