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With the vast array of information circulating on the web, the main challenge your campaign will have to face is the fight to be noticed. How do you manage to create compelling content which will stand out from the other news stories and that will not be scrolled past in less than one second by your target audience? It is well known that to be heard by social media users, the message must respect the social media language. You should create content that is easy to share and catchy enough to go viral. Slowly but surely this will help you to build up a following, your audience.

Use multimedia contents

Pictures, videos, songs, “memes” should be the basis of your communication on social media.

The Reframing Migration Narratives Toolkit provides some guidelines concerning especially the visual elements.

When creating your multimedia contents, it is important to identify a consistent, recognisable style along all your communication. The toolkit developed within the Words are stones campaign provides suggestions to choose your style, depending on your message and target. 

Define a clear and concise message

When using written content, remember to be brief, concise and get to the point. Long and sophisticated posts rarely catch the attention of a reader in the social media context.

Use engaging slogans and hashtags, which allow you to organise your contents and make them easily accessible and shareable. Before creating a campaign hashtag, carry out research to see which hashtags are already in use. Brainstorm with the campaign team a unique and catchy hashtag that captures what the campaign is about or the call to action.

Some tips and good practices to build “sticky slogans” are listed in the Reframing Migration Narratives Toolkit.

Encourage user-generated content

Social media are an opportunity to drive interaction with and participation of audiences. The use of polls, competitions and surveys can generate user-driven content with a simple call to action that people can respond to by sharing their stories or opinions with photographs and videos.

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